Why are there only 8 photos in a Polaroid Originals film pack?

Polaroid Originals film is different from the Polaroid film of the past. Much of the chemistry and components used by Polaroid(™) are no longer available, so we had to reinvent the film using entirely new materials and a new formula. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy.

One downside of this is that Polaroid Originals film sheets are slightly thicker than the old Polaroid(™) film sheets. As a result, it’s not possible to fit 10 photos in the film cartridge, and we obviously can’t change the size of the film cartridge – because then it wouldn’t fit in the camera. The only solution was to put 8 film sheets in each pack, instead of 10.

This means that the frame counter on your Polaroid(™) camera will always be off by 2. Whenever you insert a new pack of film into your camera, the frame counter will reset to 10 automatically, but this actually means you have 8 photos left. When the frame counter shows 2, it means you’ve used all the photos in your pack.

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