What is the difference between the OneStep+ and OneStep 2 ?

The OneStep+ has everything that the OneStep 2 camera has, plus more features. The OneStep+ is still a great point-and-shoot camera but with the potential for greater creativity and experimentation.


The two main differences are that the OneStep+ has two lenses. That means you have a Portrait lens, allowing you to get closer to your subject and create sharp macro photography with a minimum focus distance of just 30cm.


The second big difference is that the OneStep+ connects with your smartphone (via the Polaroid Originals app) unlocking a world of creative possibilities for your instant photography.


Connect your OneStep+ to the Polaroid Originals app to access 6 new creative modes:


  • Remote
    • Turns your phone into a remote shutter trigger for your camera to shoot from a distance.


  • Self Timer
    • Lets you set up a countdown of up to 12 seconds before your camera’s shutter triggers.


  • Double Exposure
    • Enables you to shoot two images on a single Polaroid photo to create unique and unpredictable effects. Learn more, here.


  • Light Painting
    • Lets you use your camera flash to paint lines or light up objects during a long exposure.


  • Noise Trigger
    • Allows you to set a volume level and then trigger the shutter by making a loud noise!


  • Manual Mode
    • Gives you full control over aperture, shutter speed, flash strength and even the number of exposures.
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