What film to use with Polaroid and Polaroid Originals cameras?

Watch the below video for a quick overview of the film options you have when shooting with your Polaroid or Polaroid Originals camera:



Polaroid Originals currently produces 5 distinct instant film formats. Some are cross-compatible across camera types, and some are not. The best way to tell which type of film your camera uses is to open the film door and look for a sticker which indicates the appropriate film type for your camera. The possibilities are:


  • i-Type
  • 600
  • SX-70
  • Spectra



All film types are briefly outlined below:



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Polaroid Originals created i-Type film exclusively for use with new Polaroid Originals cameras. The important difference between 600 and i-Type film is the absence of a battery inside the film cartridge. This means that i-Type film will not work with vintage Polaroid cameras. New Polaroid Originals cameras have a built-in rechargeable battery, so they don’t need a battery to power the camera.


However, if you want to use 600 film with your Polaroid Originals camera, such as a special edition film pack, it will still work.


600 Type



600 is the most common film type for vintage cameras, and works with Polaroid’s popular 600 series of cameras. The majority of cameras will have a number in the 600-series in their name (e.g. Sun 660, LM630, SLR 680, and so on). You can always spot 600 film from its blue packaging. 600 film is also compatible with Polaroid Originals i-Type cameras, so if you ever want to use a special edition 600 film with your OneStep 2, you’ll have no problems at all.


SX-70 Type



SX-70 cameras operate slightly differently from other Polaroid™ instant cameras, so they need their own film. The biggest difference is the ASA – SX-70 film is roughly ¼ the sensitivity of 600 film, so it needs a lot more light to get a good photo. All folding-type cameras (except the 680/690 SLR models) use SX-70 film. 


SX-70 film is only available in classic colour and black & white editions, but if you want to use a special edition 600 film in your SX-70 camera, you can do so with a Neutral Density Filter. You can learn more about this, hereAlready got a Neutral Density film filter? Find full instructions on how to install it here.


Spectra Type



Spectra film is distinctly different from our other instant film formats, as it has wider, landscape dimensions compared to the square format of most Polaroid film formats; 2.9″ x 3.5”, to be exact. As a result, only Spectra film works with Spectra cameras. More about Polaroid film dimensions, here

Film formats produced by Polaroid at some point in time which we do not support


Looking for packfilm? Please read our article on the subject, here.


If you’re still not sure which film to use with your camera, drop us an email, and we’ll help find the right film for you:



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