Unsupported Polaroid cameras and film formats

Polaroid Originals currently produces 5 distinct integral film formats:

Below is an incomplete list of cameras and film formats produced by Polaroid at some point in time which we do not support – at least not yet. This means that we do not sell, repair, or produce film for the models below:

  • Peel apart film (incl. Type 100, Type 80 and pro pack 4×5)
    Associated camera models: Model 180, 340 or 103
  • Roll film
    Associated camera models: Model 95, Swinger, J33
  • 35mm film
    Associated camera models: all Polaroid™ 
    35mm camera,  Polaroid™ auto-processor
  • Super 8 film
    Polaroid™ Supervision camera
  • iZone film
    Polaroid™ iZone camera
  • 500 film
    Polaroid™ Captive or Joycam
  • 4×5 film
    For camera back
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