Polaroid™ Image/Spectra series cameras

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Polaroid Spectra Polaroid ProCam Polaroid Macro5


The Polaroid™ Image/Spectra camera was introduced in 1986 and features a wider film format than the SX-70 or 600 cameras. This wider, cinematic format is able to capture brighter exposures.

There are a number of different Image/Spectra models. Some of them have simple settings, whilst others have a number of manual options such as the ability to deactivate the auto-focus, and a self-timer so you can put yourself in the shot. They all come with a built-in flash.

Here are some of the features that Polaroid™ Image/Spectra cameras have:

  • Spectra One Switch: exposure control slider
  • Spectra Full Switch: exposure control slider, flash, auto focus and sound override, self-timer and feet/meters distance selector
  • Built-in flash for shooting in darker lighting conditions and at nighttime
  • Polaroid Originals film shield to protect photos from light while developing
  • One year warranty & warranty card
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