OneStep+ lens selection: which lens to use when ?

Sometimes life presents us with difficult decisions. Selecting which lens to use with your OneStep+ camera is not one of those difficult decisions.

The OneStep+ has two lenses: Standard and Portrait.


Standard Lens example, photo by Syndislaps


 Portrait Lens example, photo by Harriet Browse

The Portrait lens is for when the distance between your camera lens and your subject is between 1 – 3 feet (0.3 – 0.9 meters). Portraits, close-ups, pictures of flowers: basically anything where you want to get close to your subject.

The Standard lens is for every other situation from 3 feet (0.9 meters) to infinity (but not beyond that). Group shots, landscape photos and anytime you aren’t sure, the Standard lens is the one you want.

Try this quick experiment at home: Take a tape measure and measure out the above-mentioned distances to get a sense of how far away they are. Knowing what 1 – 3 feet (0.3 – 0.9 meters) looks like through the viewfinder will help make your decision-making process quicker and more sure. 

Getting a general sense of what 1 – 3 feet (0.3 – 0.9 meters) looks and feels like will make your lens selection a natural and intuitive process.
Photo by James Tinnelly.

Pro tip:
 fixed-focus lenses always have a ‘sweet spot’, meaning a subject-to-lens distance where they are at their sharpest. The Portrait lens has a sweet spot when your subject is exactly 2 feet (0.6 meters) away. The Standard lens also has a sweet spot, at approximately 5 feet (1.6 meters),  though you would be hard pressed to notice it on the Standard lens as basically everything is sharp when shooting with it. 

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