How to travel with Polaroid film X-Ray at Airport

X-ray machines affect your film. It’s best to keep it in your carry-on, but to ask for a hand-check instead. 

Film in checked-in luggage will be most likely affected. 

In the past, the carry-on x-ray scanners did not damage the film. But since the end of 2019, new scanners are being installed in certain airports. These scanners damage the film as they do a 360° scan using a higher radiation dose. Therefore, we recommend having the film hand-checked. This will guarantee that the film is not damaged by the radiation. 

Damaged film typically shows a pinkish hue and a washed-out, foggy look throughout the photo. Great, if you’re a fan of all things pink, but not so much for everyone else. 

A note about exposed film (film you’ve already exposed) is completely unaffected by x-rays, so it will be fine in any baggage. 

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