Can I use the OneStep+ without the Polaroid Originals app ?

Do mermaids breathe underwater? (The answer is yes.)

The Polaroid OneStep+ is a fully analog camera, just like the original OneStep and the OneStep 2 that followed it. The new OneStep+ works without any fuss. Simply load up a film cartridge, aim the camera, and press the shutter button.

You’ll get the same great photo quality as with the OneStep 2 camera, with the added bonus of selecting the new Portrait lens. The Portrait lens is operated by an analog lever on top of the camera lens and the app is not necessary to take advantage of this flagship feature. Learn more about the new Portrait lens here.

Pairing your OneStep plus camera with the Polaroid Originals app, via Bluetooth functionality is an optional, added feature which will unlock further creative potential for the camera. Learn more about the Polaroid Originals app here.

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