Vintage Spectra Camera (Not Refurbished)

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The Polaroid Spectra camera offers an easy to use and read switch control panel with an option to turn the sound off. The switch controls on the back of the Polaroid instant film camera include a timer option, autofocus on or off, flash on or off, exposure compensation, and the choice of the focus readout reading in feet or meters. The style of the body of the Polaroid Spectra camera allows for it to fold down into a compact style for easy storage. It is also wrapped with a gripping material on the sides for added security when handling the camera.


There’s some slight wear and tear as the Spectra Cameras have not been refurbished. However, we can guarantee that they have been tested and work perfectly fine. The camera will be sent in a generic cardboard box.


Works with Spectra film. Please note this is a great collectable item as Spectra film is no longer in production – we only have a small quantity of film remaining.

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