Polaroid SX-70 Camera (Silver-Brown)


The Polaroid SX-70 is one of the most famous vintage instant cameras in the world. It was the first instant SLR camera ever made, and the first to use Polaroid’s now-iconic instant film which brought photos to life the moment they left the camera. Its manual controls have made it the go-to camera for artists and dreamers alike, and its fold-down design means you can take it with you, wherever you go. And trust us, you’ll want to.

Classic SX-70 cameras like this one were designed without a built-in flash. #bornthisway If you want to shoot in low-light environments (indoors, dusk, etc).


The first 3 people to purchase the SX-70 camera will receive a gift pack. You will receive a camera case and photo album, both developed from Polaroid Originals and designed for the SX-70 camera.  The camera case is styled to match the original Polaroid SX-70 compartment case, made to perfectly store and protects your beloved SX-70 camera and accessories. The photo album contains 6 black cardboard inlays for 48 of your SX 70 or 600 format photos. These bonus gifts are perfect for anyone who believes in the magic of instant analog photography or wants to own a slice of these classic designs. The bonus gift pack retails for over $200 AUD.

* Please note the bonus gift box might be slightly damaged due to being stored for a long time. However, the products it self are in perfect condition.

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