Impossible 600 Instant Camera (Without Impossible box)

$269.95 $69.95

Pop culture in a camera. The point-and-shoot cameras that brought instant photography to the masses wrapped in the colours and characters that defined the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s. From boxy shapes to pop-up flashes, each camera tells a story that you’ll want to share.

Please note these are ex-demo. Unlike the impossible ones in the box, this range comes in a generic cardboard box. It should be noted that these also have slightly more wear and tear – with the camera strap been cut off. We can guarantee that the camera works perfectly fine.


Works with 600 Colour and 600 B&W Film.


*Model may vary, will be randomised from our collection of – One Step Flash, 636 Close Up, Sun 660 Autofocus and 600 Round.

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