Proper storage of Polaroid Originals film ensures that the film chemistry remains stable, and that your photos achieve and retain the best color, contrast and detail for as long as possible.


Before Exposure

We designed the Polaroid Originals film box with intention: it helps to protect each film pack from light and moisture damage. As a result, we always recommend keeping unused film sealed inside of its unopened box, in a cool and dry environment until you are ready to shoot with it.

We recommend storing it flat (i.e. on the side with the largest surface area) inside a fridge at a constant temperature between 4 – 18°C (41 – 65°F). Do not freeze your film packs! This will damage the chemistry and prevent your film from working properly. Be aware, also, that frequent variations in temperature could cause moisture-related damage.

When getting ready to shoot, we recommend allowing film at least 1 hour to return to ambient temperature. Our film will not perform as well at cooler temperatures, so allow it to reach room temperature before shooting for the best results.

Once a film pack is loaded into your camera, it will be exposed to ambient temperature and moisture levels. As a rule-of-thumb, try to shoot the film within 2 months of being loaded into your camera.


After Exposure

Every Polaroid Originals photo is an original – there is no other like it, so do your best to take care of it. Even after the initial development process, there are still invisible chemical reactions occurring. In general, keep your photos protected from sunlight and at normal temperature and humidity levels. Our own Polaroid Photo Box is a good option. 

1- 30 days after Exposure:

During the first 30 days after exposure, your photos still have chemicals which are not completely dried out and can cause visible alterations if not stored properly. It is important to allow the photos to completely dry out in a cool, well-ventilated environment. Classic plastic archival sleeves are not appropriate during the first month after exposure. 

30+ Days After Exposure:

After 30 days, storing photos in an album, archival sleeve, or similar is acceptable. Storing your photos in a dry, dark environment protected from UV radiation is always best practice. We use old shoe boxes. If you are going to display your photos and don’t want them to fade or change color, ensure that the frame has UV-protective glass.